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Chambray Skirt – Washable Fashion Campaign – Nyla

Straight off Fashionista.com’s Washable Fashion Runway from New York Fashion Week, the Selena Skirt is the perfect closet staple.  Great for transitional season, Spring, Fall or Summer/Winter – it’s the one…

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lobo mau hale cardigan washable fashion tide crowdfunding fashion

Hale Cardigan – #Washable Fashion Campaign – Lobo Mau

Lobo Mau is the creation of Nicole Haddad, a Brazilian-American designer residing in Philadelphia. After graduating from Drexel University in 2008 with a Master’s in Fashion Design, Haddad started Lobo Mau, a women’s…

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Edie Romper – Washable Fashion Campaign – Nicole Lenzen

Straight off the Washable Fashion Runway the Edie Romper by Nicole Lenzen is the way to go.  It would originally retail $295; but for this campaign it’s $260 including shipping!  My inspiration comes from the energetic, improvisational,…

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gojira palmistry top washable fashion tide crowdfudnding cfda graphic sweatshirt

Palmistry Relaxed Knit Top by Gojira

Fall trend: Grey Matters. But grey shouldn’t be boring, just ask our Palmistry Relaxed Knit Top for Fall 2014 that is ECO-FRIENDLY. Here’s your chance to help make it happen, and get it before anyone else.  This time,…

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The New Duffel

Some time ago, designer Matt had purchased an inexpensive duffel made out of a vinyl-polyester, which lasted it forever. It was a bright orange, and everyone would compliment it (even received a thumbs up from an elderly stranger!). However, it…

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Steel Necklace by Rail Theory

Add edge to anything you wear with this necklace.  100% of the proceeds will go to help feed children in New York.  One necklace = 3…

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bali necklace fashion crowdfunding

the bali necklace

The perfect summer necklace, modernized tradition.   100% of the proceeds will be donated to Bright Scholars campaign to  mobilizes girls and boys to advocate for every child’s right to attain a free education. By learning to read, write and share…

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